Our work is aimed at LEVERAGING SUCCESS and PRODUCTIVITY within your CULTURE.

We have considerable experience working within organizational dynamics and CULTURE, but do not see that experience as being “the answer”, rather as a backdrop against which to facilitate individuals and organizations to find the best way forward for their specific culture.

Different Approach

We do not rely on role playing nor making evaluative judgments about an individual’s behaviors based on our model of success. This results in a highly individualistic approach to transforming individual and group performance while consistently providing leveraged increases in productivity and success.

We firmly believe that the basis for this opportunity for change rests within the development of strong VALUE-BASED RELATIONSHIPS. This does not mean that everyone needs to socialize or like everyone, but rather that one’s commitments and values, what one stands for—needs to be known to others. This value-based relationship then leads to the possibility of TRUST being developed.

Opportunity for Change


We generally don’t trust others with whom we are not in RELATIONSHIP. Based on trust, we will then share more information, as we are less likely to share without the trust.

Assuming that conflict is a normal part of life in the business world, once we have a RELATIONSHIP-based TRUST, and are COMMUNICATING out of that trust, we can begin to effectively RESOLVE CONFLICTS. Once conflicts are handled, we can create a HIGHLY LEVERAGED INCREASE IN SUCCESS AND PRODUCTIVITY for the individuals.

Our work always focuses on your assessed or perceived issues and needs. This requires that we conduct an up-front assessment of those needs from the staff and leadership. If your staff is small enough, we would prefer face-to-face, on-site conversations. In cases of larger staff groups we can manage a representative sampling face-to-face on-site or via telephone in some circumstances. As a result of these findings, we then sit with you to go over the general findings of these conversations. Based on that information we would then recommend a series of interventions that we feel would produce the results you need. It would then be up to you to either take that information to some conclusion without us, or engage our services to accomplish those goals. These interventions could include group work with staff or your senior leadership team, as well as individualized coaching.



In all cases, our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship of trust, open feedback, and developmental assistance to accomplish your goals.

We are known to consistently provide cost-effective coaching and skill development to our clients.

The alternative is to continue to hope that things will improve, or to repeatedly go through periods of firing and hiring to purge behavioral issues from the organization. Let us show you how to leverage your current employee base and improve the bottom line for your organization.