Leadership Coaching

A powerful individual coaching relationship fosters an ongoing process of introspection, feedback assimilation, and behavioral modification aimed at creating an intentional leader and balanced personal life. This approach must be consistent with the person’s values and the organization’s goals.

This ongoing relationship also assists the leader in creating a life and career plan that serves their life outside of and within the organization as they mature together.


Our approach is NON-PRESCRIPTIVE, in that, the coach does not observe behavior judgmentally, nor create hypothetical situations and then give corrective feedback based on commonly held models of executive behavior.

Rather powerful coaching facilitates the leader consciously removing self-imposed, often unconscious suppressors to success, productivity and happiness.

Rather than knowing the formulae to act in predictable or fixed situations, the executive is able to show flexibility and responsiveness to a wide variety of circumstances and individuals.

We are certified in and utilize the CPI260, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the FIRO-B to assess and provide consistent, statistically validated feedback and direction to the client. Biweekly contact is maintained between the coach and client through agreed-upon time frames to accomplish the goals of the client.