Conflict Resolution

Conflicts always occur whenever two or more persons are engaged in a project or on a team. Conflict does not necessarily imply war or intense argument. Conflict can simply be difference of opinion, approach or process.

If conflicts are not handled properly and quickly, productivity is diminished, not only for those involved, but also for those peripheral to the conflict. Unresolved, the business impact of the conflict remains constant (at best) or becomes worse.

Being a Team is Imperative

Inside an environment of trust, value-based relationships, and intentional communication , individuals can learn to effectively clean up conflicts.

Awareness of the impact and development of skills around communication and problem solving allows individuals the opportunity to create new vistas of productivity, new commitment to intentions and visions, and new partnership in getting the work done.

We utilize the models of either Hiam or Thomas-Kilmann to facilitate discussion and learning around handling conflict.

Through awareness of style and individual and small group coaching new behavioral possibilities emerge.

Once these skills are infused into a work group, highly leveraged improvement in work productivity and satisfaction are available to the individual and the team.

Increase Work Productivity