Our work around negotiation focuses on both the intangible (relationship, or non-financial) and tangible (business and financial) aspects. When individuals are locked in an ongoing negotiation, they usually work toward some individual goal.

If during the negotiations, attention is not paid to the relationship, damage to future interactions might occur, and subsequent productivity and sense of achievement might be diminished.

Work Around Negotiation Centers

Our work around negotiation centers on more than 30 years of work by Ira Asherman and Associates, Inc. Ira’s New York based consulting business has mainly served the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical regulatory agencies.

Ira has developed and licensed to Phoenix Images, Inc. a comprehensive set of program and research materials for use with our clients.

Our negotiation work takes place in a highly experiential and interactive environment which recognizes and utilizes the experience and knowledge of the participants.

It utilizes video case studies, practice negotiations, lecture/discussion, and a self-assessment instrument. Case studies and practice negotiations are specially tailored for the client’s expertise and business needs.

A complete book of readings and a 150 page manual are both available in the design of our work, serving as both a guide during the workshop and as a permanent resource/reference tool.

Video Case Studies

The Course Covers:

Planning for negotiations

Identifying the other party’s needs and interests

Identifying the causes of negotiating failure

Focusing on specific behaviors employed by successful negotiators

The Successful Negotiator six-step method of negotiating

Negotiating style and its impact

Identifying sources of power

Concessions–how and when to use them

Closing the deal–what to watch for

The material can also be refocused on non-pharmaceutical negotiations with specific case studies to meet the needs of other clients.