Communication is truly a fundamental and critical skill for all members of any collaborative group.

Customized and Personal Approach

Our highly customized and personal approach involves increasing the awareness of the individual’s current communication behaviors and their effect on productivity. From this awareness, we provide coaching and skill development conversations to allow the individual to create new patterns of communication that are consistent with their intentions. This in turn offers others an opportunity for others to perceive the individual’s intentions more productively.

More on Communications

It is also one of the most misunderstood and undervalued of all the interpersonal skills. Despite this, most people feel that they communicate effectively.  The focus of our work is both how one speaks, but more importantly, how one listens.  Of the two, listening is the more critical skill to develop.

No Nonsense

We do not create artificial situations for role playing, nor do we make prescriptive suggestions based on our models or assumptions of what is correct communications. Rather, we are interested in helping the individual gain the insight into their own behaviors and to make corrections that work for them. We can provide this skill development either in large group settings, in more focused pairings with two individuals who are having difficulty communicating, or individually as part of an ongoing coaching relationship.