Mischief™ is a Phoenix Images, Inc. concept fundamental to understanding and correcting performance issues in all individuals and organizations.

Productivity Drains

It creates significant productivity drains on otherwise well-constructed processes, strategies and plans that support well-placed products and services.

Misalignment of Intention

Creating this Mischief™ is generally an unconscious and unintentional act resulting in a misalignment of intention and perception of intention.

Leader's Credibility

It can also undermine a leader’s credibility and therefore scuttle productive momentum of well-intentioned organizations from the inside-out.

All of our areas of expertise revolve around the concept of Mischief™.

Once understood, Mischief™  provides insights into how to communicate more effectively, intentionally build trust, resolve conflict in a relationship-supportive yet productive way, and truly and effectively influence the outcomes of projects, team effort and organizational productivity.