Assessing Leadership

Organizations MUST develop their leaders. This challenge is often one of the more difficult and time-consuming tasks for an organization to engage, must less master.

We utilize the CPI 260® instrument, now in its fourth version, developed by Consulting Psychologist Press in conjunction with the Center for Creative Leadership. The CPI 260® is a highly validated assessment based on the California Psychological Inventory (CPI®), which has been around for many years, and is revered as a standard in its field.


The CPI 260® can be used for hiring, as long as it is part of an overall, validated process of interviews and other assessment tools.

We have successfully employed the CPI 260® as a developmental tool for multiple leaders, resulting in increased performance and job satisfaction. We have also used it to develop leadership enhancement programs for various managers and organizational top leaders.


Leadership potential and effectiveness can encompass any or all of:


Leadership performance assessment and improvement

Executive Development

Leadership Training

Career Assessment